Date   Subject  Audience 
 2008  Voice over data  OTE staff
 2007 - 2011   Networking principals & LANs  OTE staff
 2007  Information security management  ΙCΤ staff of BNP-Paribas Bank
 2007  Win 2003 server networking and TCP/IP  ΙCΤ staff of KTP (Information Society of Greece)
 2006  Win 2003 server networking and TCP/IP   ΙCΤ staff of National Hellenic Research Foundation
 2003  Networking and security  ΙCΤ staff of 401 military hospital
 2001  WIN NT 4 Admin (MS-803 based)  ΙCΤ staff of Hellenic Statistical Authority
 2001  WIN NT 4 Admin (MS-803 based)  ΙCΤ staff of EKO-ELDA
 1999  X25, network security and configuration   ΙCΤ staff of IDIKA S.A. (E-government Social Security)
 1999  Networking and TCP/IP  ΙCΤ staff of MTPY
 1997  Networking and TCP/IP  Scientific and technical staff of Solid Earth Physics Institute 
 1996  Networking, TCP/IP and Cisco routers   ΙCΤ staff of General Bank of Greece