Date   Type    Institute  Description
 2013  Project  European Research 7th Framework Programme  Community Networks Testbed for the Future Internet. Experimental research on testbeds for community networks.
 2005  Paper  International Conference on Engineering Education, Gliwice, Poland, July 2005  V. Tsiriggakis, K. Efthimiatos, G. Koulouras, I. Stavrakas, P. Kapiris, K. Ninos, G. Katsimaglis, K.Voudouris, K. Banitsas, K. Eftaxias, A. Koulopoulos, L. Panagiotopoulos and C. Nomicos, A versatile telemetric system based on mixed Internet and wireless transmission. 
 2003  Poster  XIX conference of Solid State Physics. Thessalonica 2003  P. Kapiris, A. Peratzakis, G. Katsimaglis, K. Eftaxias, Study of Pre-seismic Electromagnetic Anomalies in terms Fractal-electrodynamics and critical phenomena.
 1993 - 2012  Consulting   Solid State Physics, University of Athens  Wireless, networking and instrumentation consultant for the national wide network for collecting and transmitting earthquake prediction signals. Design prototype earthquake prediction receivers and antennas.
 1999 - 2007  Contract  Atmospheric modelling & weather forecasting group, University of Athens  Providing solution of a high speed LAN and clustering for parallel computing applications for atmospheric modelling and weather forecasting.
 1994  Contract   Seismological Laboratory, University of Patras  Constructing and integrating of an A/D converter, for collecting and radio transmitting, earthquake prediction signals.
 1992  Contract   Dept. of Computer Eng. and Informatics, University of Patras  Designing and developing a radio modem.
 1991  Contract   Computer Technology Institute, University of Patras  Designing and constructing a 9600 bps VHF data transceiver for Star EU research program.