Working as a network solutions architect with extensive knowledge in the design, deployment, operation & support of small up to nationwide network solutions applied to a multi-vendor and multi-protocol environment, leading to the successful implementation of viable solutions. Additional skills like programming & scripting, telecom, VoIP, IT, wireless data transmission, data acquisition and electronics constituting a solid theoretical and practical technical background. Self-training and testing solutions is also running at my home lab, in addition to the current job environment.

     Experience in both private and government sectors including: telecom, banking, healthmilitary, and education, involvement including: project manager, consulting, pre-sales, after-sales support, field engineer and instructor, leading to cover all aspects of a project.

     A background in mathematics together with analytical thinking, the willingness to taking initiative and having leadership skills, creating personal relationships of trust in my working environment and providing the ability to adapt easily.

     Physical activity and living as an opportunity for self-improving, leads to have a clear view of the working reality, producing high added value solutions starting from idea up to support it. Honored volunteer at emergency service activities, as a licensed ham radio operator, permitting to work successfully under pressure.

     Technical and personal skills applied to a new working environment, leads to adapting quickly and efficiently, improving customer experience while maximizing profits for the employer company.

          Georgios Katsimagklis