I work as a network engineer at OTE S.A. member of the D.T. group.

I have been a licensed hamradio operator since 1990.

I have been participating in Athens Wireless Metropolitan Network since 2004 (node 3670). 


Important moments of my life related to hamradio

1970 ( 6) repairing the electronics of my friends toys

1976 (12) getting basic knowledge of radio theory (eBook)

1980 (16) designing and building an FM stereo generator

1982 (18) designing and building a tesla coil

1984 (20) wireless data transfering of a ZX spectrum program through an FM radio station

1986 (22) designing & building an 300/300 & 1200/75 bps dial up modem using AM7910

1990 (26) building and operating 1200 & 9600 bps packet radio modems for AX25 & 44.154.x.x amprNet

1993 (29) integrating national wide VAN wireless (AX25) network data acquisition system using multitasking capabilities of QEMM & DESQView 

1994 (30) setting up Internet FTP server & proxy ARP router using NOS, for transferring VANs earthquake prediction signals during the military service

2003 (39) setting up the first ECHOLINK node in Greece (SV1BDS-L)

2005 (41) writing software to remote control HF radio receiver via ECHOLINK (SV3CHA-L)

2010 (46) honored for amateur emergency radio service operation