This is a windows program that permits you to traceroute to a destination IP or a hostname. The IP address or the hostname entered is saved as long as you are running the program. The program displays the hostname when you choose to resolve names in Options button. When multiple path exist to the destination IP all of them are displayed at the notes window. It also do MTU path discovery along path if this is selected in the Options button. When you find MTU you can select to see the TTL return or guess the possible path assymetry. You can select to resolve names of discovered routers (initially it is disabled to be fast). You can define the packet size and the Type of Service for the traceroute process. Statistics regarding tracerouted packets are displayed. The Copy to clipboard button sends to the clipboard a text formated output. The stop button does not stop immidiately. It works only with IPV4. A good traceroute guide is here.